Although Yung Miami and Diddy have made it clear that they are not in an exclusive relationship, every time the Bad Boy Records founder is out with other women, the internet decides to attack the City Girls rapper.

Shortly after Diddy revealed that he fathered a seventh child earlier this year allegedly with 28-year-old Dana Tran, the Caresha Please host was called a side chick by internet sleuths. This time is no different. Diddy was also reportedly seen out with two women recently who internet sleuths tracked down to be a YouTuber named Shawntya Joseph and podcaster Jade Ramey, with the latter being caught
kissing Diddy by paparazzi over the weekend.

Last week, Yung Miami responded to the shade thrown by DJ Akademiks on being a “side chick,” but now internet trolls are encouraging her to call the rapper out and retaliate due to his recent outings with other women.

“Can we give Diddy the same energy he’s giving you?” one person asked Caresha. “But [you’re] a City Girl, right?” they went on. “I get it, y’all got love for each other, but he’s making us City Girls look crazy. Likeee ain’t noooo way a real City Girl is letting a grandpa get one up on us.”

The “Twerkulator” rapper responded, “That’s not my man and he’s free to do what he want!” The podcast host additionally explained, “I’m not in a relationship. My focus is building my brand right now! I been through a lot these past three [years]. I’m just having fun!”

Following DJ Akademiks’ remarks, Diddy defended Yung Miami to the haters.

“[Yung Miami] is not my side chick,” the Harlem rapper wrote on Twitter. “Never has been, never will be. She’s very important and special to me, and I don’t play about my Shawty Wop. I don’t discuss things on the internet and I will not start today.”

“So think what you want,” added Diddy. “But know that if you do something to hurt mine, I’m gonna come to your house and we’re gonna talk about it like human beings. Love.”