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Nevada Is Home To One Of The Best Butcher Shops In America

USA Today's 1oBEST recently explored local butcher shops across the country. Specifically, they looked for those that have that hometown-friendly feel and offer expertise on their products. 10BEST published a list of the best butcher shops and a Nevada location was named. This feature explains how local butcher shops often provide great overall value where the meat's quality is reasonably priced. "They also source their meat from local farms and ranches, which means you get to enjoy the variety and freshness of cuts that can often be made to order," 10BEST states. The butcher shops highlighted here are located in all corners of the country. Though many of their products are similar, they each have something unique about them. These shops truly stand out in their communities as opposed to being part of a larger grocery chain. Furthermore, their common bond is that they provide an excellent and trustworthy experience to each and every customer. This Nevada establishment, named among the best butcher shops in the country, is also a popular barbeque restaurant. John Mull's Meats Located at 3730 Thom Boulevard in Las Vegas, John Mull's Meats is only open from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Monday through Saturday. This was the number one ranked butcher shop in 10BEST's feature. "The meat market features everything from regular meat cuts to feet, intestines, tongue, heart, and then some," they say. Their market meats section has almost every meat you can think of available. This is where they also sell cheeses, sauces, and merchandise. Then, there's the Road Kill Grill. This is a dine-in area where you can order platters like brisket and pulled pork with a side of potato salad and macaroni and cheese. Lastly, if you enjoy this popular Nevada establishment that is among the best best butcher shops in the country so much that you want to serve it to all your guests, John Mull's also offers catering. [select-gallery gallery_id="569934" syndication_name="there-are-now-over-90-wahlburgers-locations" description="yes"]

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