Thump In The Morning

Weekdays 5am - 10am Saturdays 2pm - 7pm

DJ Thump was welcomed with open arms to Gunderson Barry and June middle school.

Spinning records at clubs or private events are always fun, but to provide a fun atmosphere for young men and women in middle school is priceless.

Gunderson  invited Jammin 1057 to their first day of school, where Dj Thump and the digital team came to greet the kids as they walked thru the gates. From there a relationship developed between Thump and the Grizzlies. Becoming their school DJ, Thump provided the tunes for the boys and girls Grizzlies basketball team as well as other events for the school.

According to “At Barry and June Gunderson Middle School,   we are preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges by engaging all learners through  rigor, relevance, and relationships.”

Their first home game was exciting but very sad at the same time as the Grizzlies paid tribute to one of their fellow students who passed away shortly after the first day of school. Honoring him was very special and heart warming as the entire boys Grizzly team presented the young mans mom with a framed jersey.

Gunderson is truly a family. the positive energy that flows on the campus is amazing. I have to credit the outstanding staff at Gunderson, who creates that atmosphere from the time the gates open at 7:45.

Principal Mrs. Pamela Lindemuth was raised in Las Vegas and attended CCSD schools from elementary through high School. She worked in the Clark County School District for over 25 years and this is the 10th year as an administrator.

Her Philosophy is that our children are the 1st priority and she does her very best to ensure that each and every student receives the vert best education possible to help them become successful citizens and confidently follow their dreams. Go Grizzlies!