Thump In The Morning

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I use to stop and get a breakfast sandwich from a near by fast food restaurant. But, I have found a new way to enjoy a quick breakfast that’s delicious, full of protein and contains the proper nutrients I need to help start my day.

A protein shake with bananas, strawberries and pineapples with apple juice, oat milk and whey protein powder. Watermelon slices are always a good snack to curve those mid-day munchies.

I realized my body wasn’t really craving that fast food. It was craving sugar and taste. So, I am training my body to crave natural sugars from fruit. Let’s be real, the only way I could stay true to this lifestyle change was to not deprive my body from the sweet taste of  the foods I like.

So, instead of a big slice of cake, I cut a thin slice every once and a while, and I call that a “treat.” I substitute red meat for turkey and skinless chicken. Fish is also really good when it comes to satisfying any protein cravings. Bottom line, there are so many other things that are actually better for me, and they taste great. I am loving my lifestyle change. After all “You are what you eat!”