Lake Tahoe or Mount Charleston? UNLV or UNR? Who’s your favorite local sports team, The Raiders or Golden Knights? As a Nevada motorist you have plenty of choices for specialty license plates.

As of June 30, 2022, there were 390,007 specialty plates actively registered in the silver state, according to Nevada Department of Motor Vehicle data.

The two most popular specialty plates in Nevada? The Las Vegas Commemorative plate and the Veterans plate. Thy account for 34 percent of all specialty license plates.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the other specialty license plate registration totals:

Professional sports plates have boomed in Nevada as fast as our teams.. The Golden Knights are the most popular pro sports plate with 62,372 plates issued. The Raiders are next with 31,165 plates. Combined, the two teams account for 24 percent of all specialty plates in Nevada.

UNR plates more than double the amount of registrations of their rival to the south. UNR can claim 10,678 plates while UNLV has just 5,003 plates.

Specialty license plates are a big revenue driver for the state, as well as the charities and causes tied to the plates, generating $95 million for charities and causes as of June 30.

The majority of specialty plates generate funds for a specific cause or charity. For example, the Raiders plate generates money for the team’s Raiders Foundation.

Forever Strong plate raises money to aid those impacted by the Route 91 Harvest festival shooting. That plate generates $25 from the initial registration and $20 annually from renewals with the money going to the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center. Through June, the 3,169 plate registrations had raised $173,310 for the center and its efforts. That money is to assist anyone who has experienced financial hardship brought on as a result of the Oct. 1, 2017, shooting that left 60 people dead and more than 800 injured.  The funds go directly to those in need of assistance.

The quarterly payments are around $16,000 to $17,000 lately. That money allows funding for the emergency financial assistance program for the survivors of Route 91.

There are definitely a lot of specialty plates, and a lot of personalized plates in Nevada. Here’s a list of plates the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has Said “NOPE” to – are people complete idiots?

-Carla Rea

  • B4KED

    Explanation: I’m a baker and this says baked!  DMV Note: Drug-related: baked is slang for high on drugs



    Explanation: I’m launching a vegetarian plant-based meal prep company. DMV Note: Drug-related: shrooms are a psychedelic drug



    Explanation: It’s an Indian nickname. DMV Note: KOOSH is a strain of marijuana

    Koosh ball

  • 420LIFE

    Explanation: Instagram handle/branding. (Suuuuure…)  DMV Note: 420 is slang for marijuana!



    Explanation: It’s abbreviated for, ‘let me assist online orders.’ I am an online sales rep for Zappos.  DMV Note: Profane- Laughing my a** off (even more than normal)!

    Laughing Donkey


  • 310HSSA

    Explanation: I’m the 310th member of the health services student association.  DMV Note: Profanity – Plate is a**hole backwards

    Donut holes



    Explanation: Family abbreviations.  DMV Note: Short for “send nudes.”





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