Living in Las Vegas, enjoying the weather and all that the city has to offer are all things that can be “fun.” But what’s the base income needed to be happy to live in Nevada? Whether it be in Las Vegas, Reno or some of the other smaller communities throughout the state. What would you think is enough to live comfortably in our state?

Before we get to that, according to a report publish by, it was a little surprising at the “ideal income” for most people. If you look at individual states across America you might be a little shocked (SHOCKED) at the difference from state to state.

What Do I Really Need To Make To Be Happy In Nevada?

To formulate the “Top 5,” the research looked at the salaries at quite a few different occupations in each state. They included retail, food service, business professional and much more.

We find out that the base income to be happy across the country, no matter what state you live in would be about $95,000. The least expensive state to live in according to research is Mississippi. On the flipside, based on the cost of living, the most expensive states happens to be California and Massachusetts.

For example, according to the study, those people that live in Wyoming would only need a base salary of under of $66,000 to be happy. Wyoming coming in at #9 on the list of 1o states that features incomes under $70,000 in order to be happy.

Other states that fall under that category are Kansas, Rhode Island and Alabama. Of course, we all know to live in the state of Nevada takes a few bucks. Looking at the stats according to research, the average person can be happy living here with a base salary of $76,895!

Not sure if many would agree, but remember, you have to live within your means. Of course living in Las Vegas or Reno, there are a lot of distractions that make it easy to spend more than we make!

But what are those top 5 states you can be happy living in with a base salary of under $70,000…ah, just scroll down to find out!

Top 5 States You Can Be Happy With Less Than $70K


  • #5 INDIANA

    Ah, the HOOSIER state, home of basketball, Lincoln’s boyhood home and the Indy 500. All that and it seems that you don’t need a huge base salary to be happy…just under $58,000 in fact which makes it #5 on the list!

    Welcome to the Hoosier state of Indiana


    Weclome to Mississippi where living is cheap

  • #3 VERMONT

    Vermont is not only known for their Maple syrup, but for living a lifestyle where you can be happy with a base salary of under $56,000! For that, the state comes in at #3 on the list!

    Welcome to Vermont, the state where you can live cheap!


    Don’t know a lot about the state of Delaware, but it seems to be a great place to live. A coastal state with lots of water and clearly you don’t need a huge income to be happy there. Just under $49,000 putting it at #2 on the list!

    Welcome to the great state of Delaware...another great place to live


    Lots of people love the New England area with all that it has to offer…but what makes this state so attractive is the base salary to be happy there. It’s just under $42,000 per year to live the life in New Hampshire. This elevates this tiny state in the northeast to being #1 on the list! Congrats!

    Welcome to the state of New free or die!

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