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The Baka Boyz

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Nick and Eric Vidal, collectively know as The Baka Boyz, are originally from Bakersfield, California, where they began their DJ careers.  In 1992 they moved south to Los Angeles to work for Power 106 where they created their “Friday Nite Flavas” and also developed Power’s live “World Famous Roll Call“.  After successful runs doing both mornings and afternoons on Power over seven years the duo grew disaffected, as the station moved into more R&B direction at the expense of hip-hop, and left.

Following their run at Power 106, the duo briefly did afternoons show on KKBT [4] and later moved on to KMEL in San Francisco [5]  They are hosts of the nationally syndicated “Hip Hop Master Mix“, which can be heard on over fifty stations nationwide.[6][7]

Next stop for the Baka Boyz was WMIB, The Beat 103.5, in Miami back in March 2003 as the station’s morning hosts.[9] But by 2005 The Baka Boyz returned to Los Angeles to do afternoon hosting at 93.5 KDAY [10] until May 2007, when the Baka Boyz moved to Blazin’ 98.9 in San Diego to do mornings.[11] The Duo left the station in 2008 and continued to focus on their weekly syndicated Hip-Hop mix show “The Baka Boyz Master Mix.”

The Baka Boyz eventually returned to Los Angeles in 2017 and started “Live From Cybertron,” a daily 3 hour show heard on Dash Radio. “Live from Cyberton” featured guests from the EDM scene along with Hip Hop acts. This show gave birth to “The Most Interesting Mix In The World.”

After “Live From Cybertron” ended, In 2018 The Baka Boyz Moved to a Daily Morning show format on Dash Radio’s The City. The morning show saw all kinds of guests stop by, keeping the theme that Live From Cyberton had, but also inviting people from Hollywood. The Baka Boyz Morning show on The City was streamed on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch for one year before a station remodel happened which lead to the morning show going on a hiatus.

The Baka Boyz have also acted as talent scouts, discovering future LA radio star Big Boy, Dj Eman and Tito among others.[8] In addition, they have also produced tracks for various artists. They produced and co-wrote the track “Scandalous” by Psycho Realm on the 1994 Mi Vida Loca original motion picture soundtrack, “Pistol Grip Pump” by Project Blowed rapper Volume 10, and other tracks.

Now, the Baka Boyz can be heard every weekday night on Jammin’ 105.7 from 7 pm until 11 pm.