Ronnie Gonzalez

What would you do if a cougar tried to attack you during a hike?

Well, for Kyle Burgess from Provo, Utah, that rare situation happened to him. Burgess was deep into a 6-mile hike when he noticed cougar cubs along the trail.

When there are cubs there’s also a protective mom behind them. A huge cougar leaped out of the bushes and stared down Burgess.

He backed away slowly and shouted at the cougar in an attempt to scare it off. The deathmatch would go on for 6-minutes until Burgess scared it off by throwing a huge rock.

In retrospect, Burgess doesn’t have any harsh feelings towards the cougar.

“Really what I think it was, is yeah, mom was just doing her job. She was protecting her babies and so that was kind of my thought process… to get away from the babies and hopefully she’ll leave me alone,” said Burgess in an ABC7 interview.

“For me, this is my hobby, something I love to do. I love being outside… on the trail and so I’ll definitely be back out there, “said Burgess in an ABC7 interview.

Experts say if you’re ever in a similar situation then you should do these things:

  • Back away slowly from the wild animal.
  • Shout or be louder than the animal.
  • Make yourself appear larger by standing tall, waving your hands and raising objects near you.