Cup of Hot Chocolate

It’s finally feeling like winter in Las Vegas, which means it’s time to bring out the hot chocolate.

I think it was the day after this past Christmas. I was walking around outside in my backyard in a t-shirt and shorts thinking it was abnormally warm for December, even by Las Vegas standards. But this week, it seems like our beloved city has finally gotten the memo that it’s winter. Highs this week are only in the upper 40s and low 50s. Which means Las Vegas locals, who already accepted we weren’t going to get much cold weather this season, are suddenly scrambling for the heavier coats they haven’t seen in a year.

And it was particularly chilly heading out of the house yesterday morning. In fact, it hailed yesterday in my back yard! So when I was driving home from the station after work, passing a frozen custard place, I shivered at the idea. This weather is way too cold for frozen anything. But then I saw the sign indicating the same place was also giving away free hot chocolate. Now we’re talking. And can I just say, kudos to that place for their clever way of getting people in the doors when ice cream is the last thing on their minds.

But that sign got me wondering, where is the absolute best cup of hot chocolate in Las Vegas?

And even before we start, just know I’m not going to bother to include places like Hershey’s Chocolate World, or Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. Those are on the strip, which means it’s not worth the trip. Even though both of those places make a damn good cup of cocoa. If you’re already in the area for work or because you’re still looking for your car after the New Years Eve shenanigans, have at it.

For the rest of us, I scoped out those off-strip little chocolate-roads-less-traveled places for this list. And here are what might be the five best cups of hot chocolate in town.

-Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ

  • Ethel M Chocolates

    This one probably didn’t need to be mentioned either. Because, like any place known for their chocolate, they obviously know what they’re doing with their version of hot cocoa. However, Ethel M’s hot chocolate also comes with the traffic-free, free parking bliss that is an off-strip location. And this is hot chocolate worth getting even if you did have to make a road trip for it. So it’s a win-win.

  • Solo Qui

    If this video doesn’t make you drool, I don’t know what will. When I was in Europe several years back, I ordered a cup of hot chocolate. And that is literally what I got. A cup of chocolate that was hot. It was basically a melted candy bar. Super thick. And OH. MY. GOSH. I will never do thin hot cocoa again. So, if you want a European hot chocolate, Solo Qui has you covered. You’ll find them in the shopping center on the northeast corner of Buffalo and Lake Mead.

  • Sambalatte

    Even though they’re mostly known for their coffee, these guys know how to do hot chocolate too. They combine dark chocolate sauce with steamed milk to make this delicious cup of cocoa. And they have three locations in Vegas: Boca Park, Jones & 215, and Molasky Center.

  • Crepe Expectations

    If you haven’t tried Crepe Expectations at least once, you really should. For several reasons. First, they are a small, family-owned business that should be supported by the local community. Second, they make the crepes in front of you and it’s delightful. Third, they have an awesome patio space to enjoy their delicious menu. And fourth, their hot chocolate is killer. And you can ask for any of the latte flavors for your hot cocoa. You’ll find these guys in the shopping mall on the corner of Eastern and Richmar. They’re hiding behind the Twin Peaks restaurant.

  • Cafe Breizh

    Another European cafe lands on our list with their noteworthy hot chocolate. And if you pair it with one of their amazing crepes, you’re going to have a pretty good day. Cafe Breizh is in Apache Center on the corner of Fort Apache and Spring Mountain Road.

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