Millennial Slang vs. Gen Z slang; word for word. Kids these days… What are they saying and how can we understand them?

Conversation slang has been a way of communication taking place for decades. Each and every year new words are formed aging out old terminology. Millennials and “elder” millennials are starting to grow gray hairs because of Gen Z and their new terms. “Side eye”, “Rizz” and “It’s Giving” are newly found words that are commonly used. Being able to understand young ones is important and their slang is one hurdle to overcome to do that.

Though words are updating often they seem to be similar and simpler. Some of these words sound silly but they help keep your vocabulary “hip.” For those of us that might not know where we fall in the generation timeline, here are the years to the categories.

According to,

  • Generation X (Gen X) are said to be born from 1965 to 1980.
  • Millennials are said to be born from 1981 to 1996.
  • Generation Z (Gen Z) are said to be born from 1997 to 2012.

Now we know some of these terms are interchangeable between the years. There are also some of us who fall on the border of years and identify as “Zennial” a cross between Millennial and Gen Z. We see you, we know it can be confusing. If you need help deciphering Gen Z slang words or vice versa we hope you enjoy the list below:

  • Gen Z: That's Bussin'

    Millennial equivalent: The Bomb

    Elder Millennial equivalent: That’s Fire

  • Gen Z: Rizz

    Millennial equivalent: Swag

  • Genz Z: Bruh

    Elder Millennial equivalent: All Up In My Kooliad And Don’t Even Know The Flava

  • Gen Z: It's Giving

    Millennial equivalent: That’s Lit or I Can’t Even

    Elder Millennial equivalent: Off The Hook

  • Gen Z: Side Eye or That's Sus

    Millennial equivalent: That’s Suspicious

  • Gen Z: Word or Bible

    Millennial equivalent: That’s Legit

  • Gen Z: No Cap

    Millennial Equivalent: Real Talk

  • Gen Z: Fit Check

    Millennial Equivalent: Ootd (Outfit Of The Day)

  • Gen Z: On God

    Millennial equivalent: Ferreal

  • Gen Z: On Fleek

    Millennial equivalent: Slay

  • Gen Z: Gotta Clear

    Millennial equivalent: Deuces 

    Elder Millennial equivalent: Catch Ya On The Flip

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