DJ Thump and the Jammin’ 105.7 crew took over Disneyland in Las Vegas style!

We broadcasted LIVE from the Disneyland Park right in front of Cinderella’s Castle, which truly added an element of magic to our broadcast. The morning was filled with DJ Thump interviewing multiple Disney workers, tasting NEW food, dancing and so much more.

It was an amazing weekend that was jammed packed with hospitality from the Disneyland crew, and we’re so gracious for the accommodations.

We attended a showing of “Tale of the Lion King,” which is a LIVE theater adaption of  the classic story “The Lion King.”

This production is authentic to the story’s setting in Africa through chorography, dialogue and music. A cast of over 20 actors and singers electrify this production even more.

The producers of this show injected exciting styles of dance such as African, house, stepping, jazz funk and contemporary to create a diverse arrangement.

Along with this colorful array of dancing, the musical show also has innovative mashups of Simba’s energetic song “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and Scar’s stirring warning “Be Prepared.

Throughout the “Tale of the Lion King,” select Swahili dialogue and lyrics are interweaved into this theatrical production.

Along with seeing this marvelous production, we were also given exclusive access to watch the “Main Street Electrical Parade!”

This iconic parade made a return to Disneyland Resort for a limited time beginning April 22. For guest of multiple generations, the parade creates a  sense of wonder, joy and – for some – warm nostalgia.

DJ Thump was able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historical parade, which completely hypnotizes the audience in a pageant of bright lights that coat each parade float in its entirety.

It’s truly a procession of happiness, and the parade uses approximately  500,000 lights that sparkle in its nighttime journey. This was also the “first parade to feature unique musical arrangements synchronized to each float unit as it moved along the parade route.”

Historical, unique and simply wonderful: This is the perfect synopsis of the emotions that this parade elicits.

Once again, we want to send our deepest “thank you” to Disneyland for providing us with such a Jammin‘ time! Here are some behind the scene moments that we simply can’t forget.

  • Disneyland Celebration of the Main Street Electrical Parade

  • Disneyland's Forever Fireworks

  • See This Artist Sketch WALL-E

  • The Artists Captivates Audiences From Any Age

  • DJ Thump Jams Out With Midnight Hour

  • DJ Thump Embraces Chip . . . or Dale?

    DJ Thump With Chip

  • The Main Street Electrical Parade Celebrates 50 Years

  • DJ Thump's Wife Angel, DJ Thump, Our Marketing Director Yasmine Madidi and Our Digital Promotions Coordinator Slone Terranella

    DJ Thump and Jammin 105.7 Crew

  • Mickey Can Whip!

    Dj Thump and Mickey Mouse

  • The Spectacular Fireworks At Disneyland

  • The Electrical Parade Is Truly A Must-See Spectacle

  • DJ Thump Interviewed Disneyland Workers Who Talked About Exciting News About The Park

    DJ Thump and Disney Worker

  • DJ Thump and Chef Scott, Who Talked About Food Inspired By "Tale of the Lion King"

    DJ Thump and Chef Scott

  • Angel Rice, DJ Thump's wife, and DJ Thump

    DJ Thump and his wife Angel

  • DJ Thump Enjoys Disneyland's Newest Bundt Cake!

    DJ Thump

  • DJ Thump and Midnight Hour

    DJ Thump and Midnight Hour

  • Nothing Better Than Disneyland Balloons

    The Balloons At Disneyland

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