Salvadoran-American radio personality, Sandee Bonita, exudes positive energy and a bubbly personality. She captivates listeners by her relatability and the way she performs. Her willingness to give back to the community is recognized by numerous charities as she was named one of the Top Influencers in Las Vegas for excellence in radio broadcasting and outreach. Bonita is a vital member of our radio team and we are appreciative of her efforts. She reaches audiences across the globe. Check out an article about Bonita written by Enrique Carranza from

Sandee Bonita, la salvadoreña quien destaca como locutora e "influencer" en Las Vegas y en el inicio abrió espacio pegando calcomanías en autos | Noticias de El Salvador

Sus padres José Madrid y María Acevedo, son originarios de Chalatenango y Sonsonate respectivamente, escaparon de El Salvador para mejorar su condición de vida May 26, 2021- 07:50 Una joven de descendencia salvadoreña se ha vuelto referente en la radiodifusión en Las Vegas, estado de Nevada, Estados Unidos.

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Sandee Bonita, the Salvadoran who stands out as a radio announcer and “influencer” in Las Vegas and began her journey in the industry by humbly putting radio bumper stickers on cars.

Her parents José Madrid and María Acevedo, are originally from Chalatenango and Sonsonate respectively, and escaped from El Salvador to improve their living conditions


A young woman of Salvadoran descent has become a reference in broadcasting in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Furthermore, her work on the radio stations of  “sin city” and on social networks has positioned her and highlighted her in the local top “influencer” lists.

Meet Sandee Bonita.

“It all started with a lot of work. I took a position in the promotions department of a broadcasting company to be able to enter the world of radio. It was not a glamorous job, since I had to go around putting stickers on cars and cleaning up after events, ”says the enthusiastic bubbly 32-year-old communicator.

“I went to school in California and then studied communications at the College of Southern Nevada, in Las Vegas,” she continues.

Sandee is on the air in Las Vegas, Nevada from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Jammin ‘105.7 FM); and in the city of Detroit, Michigan from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., (105.1 The Bounce FM).

In 2020 Sandee entered the list of the most important and top “influencer” in the city, a privileged place that she takes very seriously and highlights her work’s credits.

“What works for me is being authentic. My love for the city of Las Vegas has always been something that I have never hidden, and without any benefit, I enjoy showing all the beautiful things it has to offer. I think that true love that I feel for the city is what helps me to be an influencer” she said.

Apart from her shows on the radio dials, Sandee records commercials for agencies and also advises on brand issues for businesses seeking to improve their image.

“To be recognized in this city, you have to work hard for many years. As you know, this city is dedicated to entertainment and if you are not a memorable person, the public does not recognize you and has little interest in what you do, ” she continues.

She emphasizes that she likes to help the community. She also promotes her social platform with the intention of being an inspiration for other Salvadoran Americans and Latinos who seek to realize their dreams.

“Don’t give up, trust your talent! You have to love yourself and believe in what you can achieve”, Sandee concludes.