Black History Month

 The Classic Jewel is this week’s Black Owned Business Spotlight. If you happen to be in Downtown Las Vegas one evening on the corner of Bonneville and Third, and you see the Classic Jewel sign lit up, stop in, grab a signature cocktail and bite.

I did about 8 years ago when they first opened and chatted with one of the Lounge owners, Ryan Brown.  Ryan and her business partners, Jerome and Selina Harry, were already real estate investors and owners in Downtown Las Vegas when they seized the opportunity to open an “Old Vegas meets New Classic Lounge.”

That idea is now the Classic Jewel.  Today they have expanded the venue, adding another room with more plush seating, Flat screen TV’s, a stage and a kitchen.  They now offer delicious bites to go with their signature cocktails. 

Being a native of Las Vegas myself, it is cool to know that the owners grew up here and are part of the diverse Las Vegas Community. It’s great that they continue to invest and grow their legacy and wealth in Downtown Las Vegas’ landscape.  I frequently hit up Classic Jewel for happy hours, the live entertainment and community events. 

The Classic Cocktail Lounge in Downtown Las Vegas conveniently located in the Juhl luxury high rise.  The vibe is that of relaxed Vegas glamour.

According to  “The vibe is that of relaxed Vegas glamour. We mirror the 1950’s drinking culture and celebrate the birth of the Cocktail Hour.  Downtown residents and all those that love Downtown Las Vegas can enjoy plush seating, a sexy ambiance and delicious artisanal libations all while enjoying regularly scheduled live entertainment.” 

As stated by, The Downtown lounge was carefully dreamed up by a team of longtime Las Vegas residents in an effort to reclaim historic downtown’s rich history and place it back in the hands of Downtown Las Vegas residents. By fusing classic Vegas glam with vintage Vegas hospitality, we are excited to welcome you to the Classic Jewel.

Meet me at Classic Jewel:

Classic Jewel
Lounges in Downtown
353 E Bonneville Ave., Ste 111Las VegasNV 89101


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