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The Henry and Evelyn Bozarth Elementary School in the Clark County School District has recently installed a new vending machine for their students in North Las Vegas. Only you won’t find protein bars, bags of chips, candy, or apples here. This vending machine is for the worms… bookworms that is. Meet “Inchy” the little green “bookworm” mascot for Global Vending Group‘s vending machine that dispenses books.

Technology has taken over many aspects of our lives including the classroom where iPads and laptops are used to teach and learn rather than with physical books. It’s nice to see the interest and passion these young kids are having for these books. If you ask me, it’s no different than what’s happening with vinyl records. There’s something special about having a physical copy of something you love whether it’s an album or a copy of your favorite book.

As explained by CCSD in a report by KVVU, “Students will earn rewards for exhibiting positive behavior in the classroom. After earning the rewards, students can then purchase a coin that will allow them to pick a book from the machine.” The school’s parent-teacher organization  was able to secure the vending machine thanks to a successful fundraiser.

A number of schools from all across the country have found success with these book vending machines with increased interest in reading from its students and improved literacy over the last few years. Good Morning Tampa Bay covered the story when one of Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine’s arrived at a local school. Watch the story below:

Hopefully Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine has the positive impact on our North Las Vegas kids we all desire and we’re able to see more of them installed throughout our other school districts. And who knows, maybe one day they’ll come out with a vending machine for vinyl records.