Cup Noodle is the on the go meal for lunch and dinner! The simplicity of it makes it attractive for those who are constantly on the go or busy at work. Dump some hot water in it, wait a minute or two and instantly get that noodley goodness!

Cup Noodle offers all types of flavors like the standard beef, chicken, and shrimp flavors. But they also offer specialty flavors as well like Curry, Spicy, and more! Every once in a while, the company will release an out of the ordinary flavor! For their 50th Anniversary, they released a Pumpkin Spice flavored ramen. Now, they’re catering to the early morning risers! They’ve created a breakfast flavored ramen!

The breakfast ramen is said to taste like sausage, eggs, and pancakes with syrup! Yes, to most, that sounds horrible! BUT there is a bunch of people who will try it out of curiosity…like me! They’re even saying if you add more syrup to it, it tastes even better!

The Cup Noodle flavor is only out for a limited time and is only available at participating Walmart’s and the Walmart website. It’s a special collaboration.

If you’re looking to purchase some, expect to pay about $1.18 a cup, which is not bad at all!

Senior Vice President of Nissin Food USA, Priscila Stanton said they’ve cornered the instant ramen market for lunch and dinner, but now have gone full circle with breakfast! They’re feeding cravings around the clock!