Thump In The Morning

Thump In The Morning

Thump In The Morning

Women’s History Month should be 365 days a year.

Today we want to recognize and celebrate women who have inspired, nurtured, sacrificed and given life to each and every one of us. We want to let the special ladies in our lives know that it’s unfair to only appreciate them 30 out of 364 days a year. DJ Thump is surrounded by strong independent women who have shaped him into the man he is today. It’s virtually impossible to name them all but Thump wanted to highlight a few who have made a difference in his life.

Here are seven women that have inspired and made a tremendous impact on his life.

  • 1. DJ Thumps' Mom Josephine Rice

    My mom Josephine Rice has really inspired me to put God first, dream big, work hard and pursue happiness. She always said, “To do your best and do good when people are not watching, that shows good character.”

    She worked for the Los Angeles Unified School District and was a parent away from home for so many students. As a single mom raising two boys she kept me balanced. In order to play sports, I had to attend charm school, take piano lessons and maintain a B average in school. That is what made me the man I am today. I appreciate my mom so much. Thanks, mom, Happy Women’s History Month

  • 2. DJ Thumps' Wife Angel Rice

    This woman has shown me how to love and receive love. She has supported my career every step of the way. Angel is truly that… My “Angel.” Thank you honey for everything you have done to help elevate my life.

  • 3. DJ Thumps' Sister Maria Rice

    A graduate of Spelman College and a woman that would give you the shirt off of her back. Maria knows the right things to say when others are having a bad day. She’s always encouraging, motivating and will go to the end of the earth for those she Love. Thanks for being an outstanding sister and a phenomenal woman.

  • 4. Vice President Kamala Harris

    Kamala Harris is an attorney and currently the 49 1st Black female Vice President and highest ranking female official in U.S. history. “This is a man’s world” but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman’s touch!

  • 5. Trina Jiles

    Trina Jiles retired fire investigator at Clark County Fire Department and CEO of Gritz Cafe. This beautiful and strong queen has done so much for the Greater Las Vegas community. She is a prime example of being a role model for other women. She has opened doors for other women to become firefighters and entrepreneurs. Thank you Trina for being an awesome trailblazer!

  • 6. Mother-In-Love Sarah Barta

    I call Mrs. Sarah Barta my mother-in-love, instead of mother-in-law. This woman has the biggest heart and with her southern roots, she knows how to make you feel like family. She makes the best dressing! I am very thankful to have a woman like Mrs. Barta in my life.

  • 7. Teena Marie

    Teena Marie

    I had the pleasure of interviewing the late great Teena Marie months before her passing. “Interview” is too formal for my style, where we had more of a conversation. Teena shared an intimate detail in how it felt when her label hid her from fans because they didn’t want her race exposed. She also dove into the fun but hard-working times with the late great Rick James and their relationship. Although she faced many adversities her determination and drive made her a very successful woman. Rest In Paradise Queen and thank you for your contribution to Women’s History Month.

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