Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween is here, and if you’re looking for a great, scary, hip-hop video playlist, here are some suggestions.

1. Snoop Dogg “Murder Was The Case”

In 1994, Snoop Dogg dropped his quadruple platinum debut album Murder Was the Case and although the title track wasn’t a single it still received radio play. The video for “Murder Was the Case” chronicles Snoop Dogg’s fictional death. The “Gin and Juice” rapper dies but he’s resurrected after making a deal with the devil.

2.Kanye West ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Nicki Minaj “Monster”

Kanye West - Monster [Explicit] Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Bon Iver (Official Music Video)

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Kanye West’s “Monster” is the third single from the rapper-producer’s fifth studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) and it features Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and the new (at the time) Nicki Minaj. Inspired by horror film culture, “Monster” references horror cult classic films such as American Psycho and Saw. It also pays homage to the alleged haunted painting The Hands Resist Him.

3.Geto Boys “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me”

Originally written for Scarface’s album, “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” is the 1991 single by Geto Boys from their album We Can’t Be Stopped which was ranked as the fifth-greatest hip-hop song of all time by Billboard in 2012. Touching upon paranoia, suicidal thoughts, and hallucination, the song is scary because it was written about Scarface’s real life. “At night I can’t sleep, I toss and turn/Candlesticks in the dark, visions of bodies being burned/Four walls just staring at a n—-/I’m paranoid, sleeping with my finger on the trigger/My mother’s always stressin’ I ain’t living right/But I ain’t going out without a fight,” he raps on the highly-lauded song.

4. Beyoncé “Haunted” 

On Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album sits the unorthodox (for Bey) R&B/trip-hop track “Haunted” at number two. Directed by Swedish film and music video director Jonas Akerlund, Yonce walks along a corridor in a mansion where she locks eyes with people in rooms who have their faces painted and masks on. Although the lyrics to “Haunted” are about frank sexual desire, the video pays homage to classic cult films like The Shining, Beetlejuice, and The Ring.

5. Jhene Aiko “Maniac”

Prior to dropping her collaboration album, Twenty88, with ex-boyfriend Big Sean, Jhene Aiko released her non-album 2016 single  “Maniac.” Similar to the aforementioned track, “Maniac” is about Aiko’s sex-focused brain. Directed by Aiko herself alongside Topshelf Junior, the video features the singer as a patient in a mental health ward wearing a straight jacket, face muzzle, and several black leather outfits as she sings about her sexual desires.



Glennisha Morgan is a Detroit-bred multimedia journalist and writer. She writes about intersectionality, hip-hop, pop culture, queer issues, race, feminism, and her truth. Follow her on Twitter @GlennishaMorgan.