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Let’s Go Rebels, Let’s GO!  The UNLV Lady Rebels are looking to be Bracket Busters for this year’s NCAA National Tournament!  As an alumnus of UNLV and a former Lady Rebel athlete, (I played softball in the 91/92) I am STOKED for the match up!!!
The team received a No.11 seed Sunday for the NCAA Tournament and will take on No.6 seed Michigan in the first round in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on Friday, March 17th (the time is not yet available).

The team expected a most a No. 12 seed, so coming in at No. 11 is a welcome surprise to the coaching staff and players. This year is their 2nd Playoff bid in 2 years. This year the ladies bodied their way through the season with a 18-0 in the conference regular season and had a 22 consecutive game winning streak!

Are we nervous about the UNLV-Michigan matchup? UNLV (31-2) is 0-2 against Michigan (19-2) this season, I’m hesitant but confident that these athletes will continue to shine and surprise the world.  The goal is simple in this year according to the Review Jornal, Alyssa DurazoFrescas (12) Guard for the Lady Rebels, said, “We want to win this year and get past the first round, we’re all excited. The chemistry is tighter than ever. It will be a lot of fun.”

If the Rebels beat Michigan, they will play the winner of the Regional Host, Louisiana State No. 4 -VS- Hawaii No. 14.  Yeah, the excitement is high! The team has not made it to the tournament in back-to-back seasons since appearing in the tournament for 3 straight years between 1989 & 1991. So, get out your Rebel gear and be ready to cheer on the home team, as our Womens UNLV Basketball team faces Michigan on Friday! OK, say it with me! Let’s Go Rebels, Let’s GO!


UNLV Lady Rebels Own The Mountain West (