There will be a live butterfly release in Pahrump on Sunday, April 2nd. This will be the 18th annual “Celebration of Life Live Butterfly Release” hosted by Nathan Adelson Hospice in Pahrump. This annual event helps to give those who have lost loved ones in the past year a chance to celebrate their life, find peace, and honor their memories.

According to an article written by Robin Hebrock for the Pahrump Valley Times on, participants, executives, volunteers, staff, and community members will all be gathering at the Calvada Eye, 2100 Walt Williams Drive, at 2pm on the first Sunday in April. Even if you are not participating in this emotional ceremony, the event is free and open to the public. The release of so many butterflies often brings many of the mourners to tears.

That is very understandable. We have all lost loved ones who were near and dear to us. It can be a very emotional time after the death of a loved one, and the good people of Nathan Adelson Hospice who help families and friends deal with the death of a loved one, know how much this type of emotional outpouring can help bring peace, hope, and relief to those in mourning.

So how did this unique event begin? It is based on the Native American legend that butterflies can carry the wishes of those still alive up to the heavens. Hebrock’s article goes on to explain that Native Americans believed that if you captured a butterfly and whispered your wish to it, the butterfly would carry that wish to the Great Spirit in the sky, and your wish would be granted.

I just visited the Nathan Adelson Hospice website,, and found out there will be a similar event on The Lawn in Downtown Summerlin at 2pm, Sunday April 2nd. This will be the 18th annual “John Anderson Celebration of Life Live Butterfly Release” in Summerlin.

So, whether you decide to drive “over the hump to Pahrump,” or you head to Downtown Summerlin, enjoy the spectacle of these live butterfly release ceremonies and honor the memory of your departed loved ones.