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Enjoying Chicken Wings During The Big Game In Las Vegas Is Expensive

Without a doubt, I do enjoy sitting down to a nice, big platter of tangy, spicy, chicken wings while I’m watching a game. But did you know that Las Vegas is now serving up some of the most expensive chicken wings in the nation? It’s true, according to the sports team at Betway who are checking out the data. Las Vegas Ranks In Top 3 For Most Expensive Chicken Wings In U.S. In a city once known for its humongous and inexpensive buffets, Las Vegas has certainly become an expensive, but popular, foodie destination. For example, I’m sure all those celebrity chefs who have opened restaurants along the Las Vegas Strip are popular. But diners pay a high price for enjoying those celebrity dishes. So, it stands to reason that even when you’re dining off the Strip, the prices get higher at your favorite restaurants and hangouts. Even when you order take-out, I’m sure you are noticing higher prices for your favorite snack foods than ever before. The US.Betway.com article by the Betway Insider shows Las Vegas delivering some of the most expensive chicken wings. On average, six wings in Sin City are going to run you $13.16. That price ranks third in the U.S. based on the 50 cities Betway surveyed. The cities where one of America’s favorite snack foods is more expensive? They’re both in Texas. Austin takes the crown averaging $18.96 for a half dozen spicy morsels. Almost $19 bucks for six wings! The city’s slogan of “Keep Austin Weird” may also apply to expensive. By the way, El Paso edges Las Vegas out for second place at $13.63 for six wings. Where To Find Affordable Prices On This Popular Snack Food Of course, just because Las Vegas serves expensive chicken wings doesn’t mean we’re going to stop enjoying them. So, a quick internet search shows 10 inexpensive places to order this popular snack food. Yelp.com lists 702 Wing Spot on West Charleston, VooDoo Wing Co. on West Cheyenne, and Them Wings. They have locations on East Cheyenne in North Las Vegas, and South Eastern Avenue in Henderson. As an illustration, prices for chicken wings at these three particular restaurants range from $7.49 for six wings to $13.99 for 10 wings. Munch on, my friend! Now, feel free to scroll down for more content which you may enjoy.

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