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Clark County 2020 Grads Invited To The Ultimate Graduation Do-Over Party

Clark County School District high school graduates from the Class of 2020 are invited to a very special Ultimate Graduation Do-Over Party at the Stadium Swim rooftop pool at Circa Resort and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Circa’s Ultimate Graduation Do-Over Party At Stadium Swim The Class of 2024 is getting ready to walk down the aisle to accept their high school diplomas over the next few weeks. It’s an important and proud moment for all who attain that accomplishment. But what about the graduating Class of 2020? They were robbed of that special moment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, the folks at Circa Resort and Casino in downtown Las Vegas have come up with an excellent idea. Why not throw the Ultimate Graduation Do-Over Party for all those Clark County School District students who graduated in 2020? So, if you, or someone you know, graduated with the Class of 2020, let them know they’re invited to Circa’s “Grad Splash” at Stadium Swim. That’s the amazing rooftop pool area that features six pools on three different levels. Not to mention that amazing 40-foot tall high-definition video screen at Stadium Swim. It’s the ultimate site for the Ultimate Graduation Do-Over Party if you ask me. I almost wish I graduated in 2020 so I could attend. Here’s What You Need To Know To Attend The Ultimate Graduation Do-Over Party The Ultimate Graduation Do-Over Party at Circa’s Stadium Swim starts at 11 a.m. on Friday, June 14th. It’s open to all CCSD 2020 high school grads who are 21 and over. In addition, CCSD staff are also invited to the Grad Splash. Everyone who registers online will receive free admission. You’re even allowed to bring one guest. To register, click here, and then scroll down. You, your guest, and your fellow 2020 grads will enjoy complimentary food and beverage. Circa will even provide a rideshare home so you can really have some fun. In addition, there will be a special Class of 2020 “champagne shower moment” to toast your accomplishment. Hey, it’s four years too late, but at least you can legally drink the bubbly now. High School With The Most Attendees Wins A $10,000 Grant You would think that throwing the Ultimate Graduation Do-Over Party was enough. But Circa and PRIME Hydration are offering a $10,000 grant to the high school with the most attendees at the 2020 Grad Splash. To see the official rules on how you and your alma mater can win the $10,000 grant, click here. For all the information about the 2020 Grad Splash at Circa’s Stadium Swim, click here.

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