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In our lives, sometimes we all need a reminder to put our foot down and set boundaries.

I can admit that there are situations in which I go above and beyond to accommodate someone else’s needs before mine and that usually ends up draining all of my energy. As I was thinking of these situations, The Weeknd started playing on Jammin’ 105.7. I listened to the song, “Heartless”, and the lyrics inspired the good words that I needed to share with you and most importantly… with myself.

Boundaries are important. They provide a line that cannot be crossed and protect you and your energy. The magic of self-care is that you decide how everyone plays a role in your life. In order for these personal limits to be effective, sometimes you have to be, “Heartless” and not give in to the pressure of others’ expectations.

The lyrics that inspired this week’s good words were: “Cause I’m heartless, and I’m back to my ways ’cause I’m heartless.”  Remember, we must take care of ourselves before we are able to take care of anyone else. Be “heartless” in protecting and taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically.