Vegas Strong: 1 October

The Route 91 Harvest Music Festival massacre was the worst mass shooting in our country’s history. Now there is a new film coming out about The October 1 Las Vegas shooting. AbcNews reported that it’s being made by someone who was in the crowd when it all happened.

Ashley Hoff was in the fourth row at the show. Even though it was going on five years ago, she remembers that night vividly. She heard a popping sound over Jason Aldean‘s singing. She and her husband thought it was fireworks. Until they looked behind them and someone had been shot in the face with one of the bullets spraying down from the Mandalay Bay.

Hoff is the executive producer of the new docuseries, called 11 Minutes. She says the film is an inside account of what happened that night and the people it affected.

Hoff was already in the film business when she got the idea for the movie. It was inspired by an unexpected visit she got from an FBI Agent at her door, nine months after the Las Vegas shooting happened. The agent was part of a team who reunited concert attendees with items they left behind. Hoff had left a pair of cowboy boots she was wearing to the concert. She took them off after the bullets started because they were too slippery to run in.

When Hoff got the boots back, she reached out to others in the film industry to make the documentary. Hoff also connected with other survivors, who give some very heart-wrenching accounts of their experiences. Not just of that night, but the lifelong effect it has had since.

The filmmakers say the film is not going to be easy to watch, but that there are good parts worth waiting for. Susan Zirinsky, the producer who worked on the film 9/11 is also producing this film. She said “There are extraordinary acts of courage and human beings helping human beings. They’re just regular people. In the darkest hours, people found each other.” (AbcNews)

11 Minutes will be out tomorrow (Sept 27) on Paramount+.